Aberlour - Child Care Trust

0141 631 1504
5 Scarrel Road
G45 0DR
This service provides residential rehabilitation for women using drugs or alcohol and their children. Social Work funding required.

Aberlour - Drugs & Alcohol Outreach

0141 336 7327
Aberlour offers a service to families where the mothers use drugs and/or alcohol.

It has an outreach service in Possilpark and two residential services, one in the west end and one in the south-east.

It offers support including family rehabilitation; maintenance and abstinence programmes; parenting assessments; and a 21-day stabilisation stay for pregnant women.

People can be put in touch with the service by others. They are also welcome to contact Aberlour themselves.

Aberlour - Number One

0141 337 6637
1 Lancaster Crescent
Number One is a service provided by the Aberlour charity. It offers residential support to women with drug or alcohol dependency, and to their children.


Addaction offers support to anyone who has a problem with drink or with drugs. Its services are free and completely confidential.

It offers various services and has branches across Glasgow.

Addaction - Glasgow North

0141 558 3230

Addaction - Glasgow North West

0141 221 3382

Addaction - Glasgow South West

0141 425 1800

Addaction - Glasgow West

0141 949 4884


0141 339 8884
Unit 6
22 Mansfield Street
G11 5QP
Al-Anon Family Groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not. For some of our members, the wounds still run deep, even if their loved one may no longer be a part of their lives or have died. We believe alcoholism affects the whole family, not just the drinker. We are an international organisation with over 800 support groups in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Al-Anon is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience in order to solve their common problems.


Alateen is the part of Al-Anon for teenage relatives and friends of alcoholics.

Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alcohol Focus Scotland is Scotland’s national charity working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

Our long term aim is a reduction in alcohol harm to individuals, families, communities and Scotland as a whole, through the implementation of effective alcohol control policies and legislation.

Alcohol is more affordable, more available and more heavily marketed than at any time over the past thirty years. At the same time, our alcohol consumption has doubled and we have seen record levels of alcohol harm. The number of people dying from liver cirrhosis has increased by 450% across the population.

We want to see fewer people having their lives cut short due to alcohol; fewer children and families suffering as result of other people’s drinking and our towns and communities free from alcohol-fuelled crime and violence.

Alcoholics Anonymous

0845 769 7555
Baltic Chambers
50 Wellington Street
G2 6HJ
Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experiences to solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.


0141 952 6657
627 Dumbarton Road
G81 4ET
This service is for residents of West Dunbartonshire who are affected by drug use. Glasgow Drug Problem Service run clinic at the project.

Alternatives To Violence Project

The Alliance
Venlaw Building
349 Bath Street
G2 4AA
This group offers workshops to help people understand where their violence and anger is coming from and what they can do about it.

Breakthrough For Women

0141 552 5483
31 Stockwell Street,
G1 4RZ
This is a women only service offering advice, support and counselling to female victims of sexual violence over the age of 16, who live in Glasgow.

You can be referred by another agency or you can get in touch yourself.

Carr Gomm

0300 666 3030
At Carr Gomm we see your potential and with over ten year's experience of delivering high quality support services all across the country that are personal, practical and professional, we believe in what we do and care about getting it right for you.

The vision of Carr Gomm is that we all live in a society where everyone should have the support they need to make choices and to control their lives as citizens. It is the responsibility of governments, organisations and everyone as citizens to help us all achieve this. Carr Gomm can develop and provide its services in a way that facilitates this vision.

Glasgow Simon Community

Glasgow Simon Community has been developing and delivering services, with and for people who experience homelessness, for over four decades.

Service delivery includes prevention of rough sleeping, intensive outreach, emergency access, supported accommodation and life skills development groups.

BUDS Project

0141 420 3492
Adelphi Centre
12 Commercial Road
G5 0PQ
Can help disadvantaged people develop their life skills, helping them build confidence to access further employment, education, volunteering or training opportunities. Accepts self and agency referrals from all over Glasgow.

Castlemilk Men's Accommodation Project

0141 418 6980
Glasgow Simon Community
472 Ballater Street
Offers a group-living model of supported accommodation to men who have experience of long term homelessness and are committed to addressing addiction issues. Possibility of continuing support after moving into own home. Referral from social work or similar agency is required, accepts people from all over Glasgow.

Govanhill Women's Accommodation Project

0141 423 5599
14 Polmadie Street
G14 0PQ
Offers high quality, short-term, supported accommodation to women, offering stability whilst the residents identify longer-term housing options. Accepts self and agency referrals from all over Glasgow.

Maryhill Women's Project

0141 946 2053
9 Caldercuilt Road
G20 0AE
Providing supported accommodation for seven homeless women

Newlands Project

0141 632 8912
73 Monreith Road
G43 2PE
Offers semi-supported accommodation. The project is aimed at people who require emotional support and help with the daunting prospect of moving into their own tenancy. Newlands offers them the opportunity to spend some time adjusting to life back out in mainstream accommodation. Provides a day service and an emergency phone line. Accepts people aged between 18 and 60 from all over Glasgow and has self referral policy.

Resettlement & Housing Support Project

0141 420 3659
Adelphi Centre
12 Commercial Road
G5 0PQ
Supports people moving from temporary residential accommodation into their own home. Accpets self and agency referrals from all over Glasgow and will inform people within 10 days if they qualify for the service.

Co-morbidity, Evaluation & Treatment Team

0141 531 3243
Ward 24B
Stobhill Hospital
133 Balornock Road
G21 3UW
This is a service for people with drug problems and mental health issues. Professional referral only.

Cocaine Anonymous Scotland

0141 959 6363
Helpline offering help and support for those with or recovering from an addiction (any addiction). Also offer meetings and literature on addictions.

Community Addiction Teams

Community Addiction Teams -- or CATs for short -- provide support, treatment and care to people having problems with drink or drugs, and to their families.

Referral is usually through your GP or another health professional.

Details of CATs in your area can be found on the website.

Mungo Foundation

0141 226 1610
196 Clyde Street
G1 4JY
Care and support services in the community.

Ar Caladh Project

0141 423 4765
Supports people aged 16-21 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness due to substance misuse. You need to be referred to this project by a healthcare worker.

Community Alcohol Support Service (South East)

0141 423 5872
488 Cathcart Road
G42 8BX
The Community Alcohol Support Service is for people aged 18 and over, who have a history of homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless because of alcohol-related problems.

It offers advice and information on all issues concerning alcohol.

Self-referrals welcome.

Community Alcohol Support Service (South West)

0141 425 1830
2 Alexander Stephen House
91 Holmfauld Road
G51 4RY
The Community Alcohol Support Service is for people 18 years +, history of homelessness/hostel dwelling individuals at risk of becoming homeless because of alcohol related problems and individuals who require support in sustaining living arrangements as they make the transition from hostel accomodation to supported or independant living whilst experiencing alcohol related problems.

Down Your Drink

Many of us drink too much alcohol. Whether you're not sure if need to cut back, or if drinking is a real problem, DYD has the information and tools to help you look more closely at your drinking.


Drinkaware promotes responsible drinking and finds innovative ways to challenge the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm. An independent, UK-wide charity, we are supported by voluntary donations from across the drinks industry. We provide people with accessible, evidence-based information about alcohol and its effects and work alongside the medical community, third sector organisations, government and drinks manufacturers and retailers to achieve our goals.

Drinkline Scotland

0800 7 314 314
Trained operators can offer advice and support on any alcohol concerns, and put callers in touch with local services.

Drug Crisis Centre

0141 420 6969
The West Street Centre
123 West Street
G5 8BA
24-hour service offering information and advice for those who abuse drugs. Centre also offers needle exchange and a recidential drug rehab program. Self referral. Family support unit operates on site.

Drumchapel Alcohol Support Service

0141 944 8243
Kinfauns Centre
436 Kinfauns Drive
G15 7NE
Alcohol support service

East End Drugs Forum

0141 550 5020
183 Crownpoint Road
G40 2AL
Drug addiction servive

Easterhouse Alcohol Information Service & Support

0141 773 2239
51 Tronda Place
G34 9AX
To prevent relapsing into alcohol use and to encourage motivation which
will lead to a more active and fulfilling life. Anyone can refer you or you can
refer yourself. (Full Disabled Access)

Main Activities and Services:

• To provide support
• Outreach and education
• A drop-in service is available.

Easterhouse Community Health Centre

0141 531 8100
9 Auchinlea Road
G34 9HQ
Provide a range of Primary Care health facilities within the Easterhouse community. Anyone can refer you or you can refer yourself.

They deal with all kinds of physical and mental health needs, with a full list available on their website.


0141 552 9287
187 Old Rutherglen Road
G5 0RE
The service is for people from black and minority ethnic communities who are affected by drug/alcohol use. The service offers information, advice and practical help to such people.

Family Addiction Support Service

0141 420 2050
The West Street Centre
123 West Street
G5 8BA
Offers a confidential support service to parents and family members who are affected by, or concerned about, someone's alcohol or drug use.
Family support groups and one-to-one counselling is available.
Phone line open Mon-Fri 9.00am-4.00pm

Gamblers Anonymous

Provides help and support to those experiencing problems with gambling.

Glasgow Council on Alcohol

0141 353 1800
14 North Claremont Street
G3 7LE
A free, confidential service offering advice, support, information, and counselling to people with alcohol problems, their families and carers. Provides community based education also.

Glasgow Drug Problem Service

0141 531 9254
Woodside Health Centre
Barr Street
G20 7LR
The service can be accessed through a doctor, The Homeless Addiction Team or the Glasgow Drug Court. It runs clinics in health centres across the city and the Greater Glasgow area. It offers support based on methadone and health care.

Greater Easterhouse Alcohol Awareness Project

0141 773 1222
Trondra Community Enterprise Centre
51 Trondra Place
G34 9AX
Provides alcohol counselling; alcohol prevention; alcohol education; befriending in the East End of Glasgow

Hope House

0141 552 0537
14 Clyde Street
G1 5JH
Hope house aims to help single, homeless people find suitable, permanent accommodation. System is based on a key worker scheme. All key workers will help people become resettled. Help and support is provided for people aiming to overcome addiction. Open 24 hours. Self or agency referral.

Kirkhaven Project

0141 556 5880
Crowngate Business Centre
115-127 Brook Street
G40 3AP
Previously the Methadone Activities Programme, Milestone provide s community based drug rehabilitation for stable drug misusers. Based on a key worker system, service users participate in a three phase group programme to tackle addictions. Individuals can contact the project. Hours: 9-5 Monday - Thursday, 9- 4 Friday and 9.30- 4 Sunday. The service is provided for people living in the Glasgow East area: Bridgton, Parkhead, Tollcross, Shettleston, Dennistoun, Dalmarnock, Garthamlock, and Townhead

Know The Score

0800 587 587 9
Scotland's definitive drugs information gateway providing information for young people, parents, relatives, friends and communities. Know the Score sits at the heart of a network of drugs-related services and organisations which provide information and advice on drugs issues.

Milestone Project

0141 556 5880
26 Orr Street,
G40 2AJ
Drug and alcohol, community rehab, activities, day service, group-work, college classes.

Molendinar Drug Services

0141 552 7061
9 Glenbarr Street
G21 2NW
This service offers group work and support to people who face difficulties as a consequence of their drug use and to their families.

Narcotics Anonymous

0300 999 1212
PO Box 16177
G13 2YT
Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women for whom drugs have at some time been a problem. Recovering addicts meet regularly to help each other stay clean -- although you don’t have to be clean when you first go to NA.

National Drugs Helpline

0800 77 66 00
Provides free confidential information and advice to anyone concerned about drugs and solvents. Offers an advice service in a variety of languages.

NHS Smokefree Services

0800 84 84 84
West House
Gartnavel Royal Hospital
1055 Great Western Road
G12 0XN
Here you will find out details of who we are and what we do as well as lots of information about smoking, its effects and most importantly how to quit smoking.

Find out about the stop smoking services and support in your area, what they offer and how to get in touch with them – with our help and support you can successfully give up smoking and become smokefree. You can do it – we can help!!

North Glasgow Substance Misuse Service

0141 531 5904
The Orchards
Ruchill Hospital
135 Panmure Street
G20 7SJ
Professional referral only. The service offers detox for alcohol or drugs. Covers in-patients, day-patients and outpatients.

Phoenix House

0141 332 0121
586 Keppochhill Road
G22 5HS
The service offers residential rehabilitation for drug users. Social Work funding required.

Community Rehabilitation Service

0141 551 0703
Unit 4 B1
Templeton Business Centre
62 Templeton Street
G40 1DA
This service provides support to individuals who are drug free or detoxing from methadone in the form of a 9 month programme. Professional referrals required.

Rainbow House

0141 950 1772
21A Westlands Drive
G14 9NY
This service offers residential rehabilitation to people who want to become drug free. Social Work funding required.

Realise Community Care Project

0141 579 5101
800 Garscube Road
G20 7ET
This project offers a day care programme for people who are now drug-free or on prescribed medication.

SADIE's Team - Safer Alcohol Drinking In The East End

0141 550 7018
The Bambury Centre
67 Yate Street
G31 4AE
SADIE's Team aims to reduce the impact caused by problematic alcohol use within the East End community. We aim to achieve this by delivering alcohol education and prevention training to numerous and various groups, providing information stalls at community events and chairing the East End Alcohol Forum. Telephone/ self-referral

Main Activities and Services:

- offer advice on how to drink safely

- deliver training in alcohol awareness

- work in the community with: - young people, older people, parents,
local employers, licensed trades, schools and other agencies

- provide information on any issues about alcohol

- provide information on where to get counselling

- chair the East End Alcohol Forum

Scottish Drug Services Directory

0141 221 1175
91 Mitchell Street
G1 3LN
Database with contact information and details for more than 200 agencies in Scotland who can help with drug treatment and care. Part of the Scottish Drugs Forum.


Momentum’s services help a wide range of people, including those with a brain injury, spinal injury, mental health difficulty, physical or learning disability, in the areas of employment and training, job retention and community rehabilitation. The organisation also provides social care and supported living services to people in their own homes.


0141 419 5299
Pavillion 7 Watermark Park
325 Govan Road
G51 2SE
Assisting individuals with acquired brain injuries (ABI) with community and personal goals

Fresh Start

0141 221 2333
80 Oswald Street
G1 4PL
Assists unemployed people with mental health and / or stress related issues to consider their future employment options. Clients can access information technology training and personal development as well as vocational exploration, which make them aware of options and choices to them in further education or employment.

Get Back Plus

0141 333 0567
7th Floor
Savoy Tower
77 Renfrew Street
G2 3BZ
Assisting individuals with any health condition to retain employment.


0141 333 0567
7th Floor
Savoy Tower
77 Renfrew Street
G2 3BZ
Vocational rehabilitation service for individuals with acquired brain injuries.

Star Partnership Rehabilitation

0141 944 6649
3 Merryton Avenue
G15 7PS
Service for people with addiction problems.

Work Step

0141 333 0567
7th Floor Savoy Tower
77 Renfrew Street
G2 3BZ

Talbot Association

0141 429 4541
344 Paisley Road
G5 8RE
Provides accommodation, support and care services to single homeless people with alcohol drug and mental health problems. Accepts self referrals if the person is known to the service, otherwise referrals from social work prison services or other appropriate agency are required.

Referrals can be made from Hamish Allan Centre (0141 418 0955).

Turning Point Scotland

0141 427 8200
54 Govan Road
G51 1JL
Charity which tackles social exclusion and has projects all over Scotland covering drug abuse, learning difficulties, homelessness and the criminal justice system. Phone lines open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre

0141 420 6969
123 West Street
G5 9NT
Offers a 21 day stay rehabilitation service. 24 hour needle exchange and one - to - one advice is available. Self referrals.

Link Up

0141 420 1929
112 Commerce Street
G5 9NT
This service provides safe accommodation for a range of needs. The Crisis Unit provides 12 beds enabling people to withdraw and detox in a safe and secure environment. The average stay in this unit is 28 days. The Long Stay unit provides 6 beds for stays up to 6 - 9 months. This service provides assistance with resettlement and continued support for a substance free lifestyle. Referrals are open and will be accepted from a range of agencies.

South East Alternatives

0141 429 7229
Adelphi Centre
Room 12 Commercial Road
G5 0PQ
This service offers advice, information and support to drug users to help the cope better in their community and to move on to training, education and employment.

Whiteinch Project

0141 959 5069
13 Victoria Park Drive South
G14 9RN
This service offers supported accommodation to drug users who are working towards living independent drug free lives in the community. Referral through professional agencies.

Women's Reproductive Health Service

0141 211 5267
Princess Royal Maternity Hospital
Level 4
G31 2ER
The service offers reproductive health care to women. Women who have a drug use issue and reproductive health issues may be able to access some drug services through this service. The service prescribes methadone to pregnant women. It also offers reproductive health care for pregnant women, family planning, gynaecological, sexual health care etc. Self referral or referral through a professional is possible.